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Vermelho Filmes offers a wide scope of audiovisual production services, focusing primarily on creative aspects.

Combining our partner's years of expertise in distinct areas of cultural development and production, we strive to offer services customised to each project.

As well as developing and producing our own films and projects, we collaborate and provide support for advertising, brands, and international productions.









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Casa Grande
Quem Matou Eloá?
Sonhos de Peixe
Se Eu Demorar Uns Meses
F de Falso
Tempero Secreto
Arte Ativa
Unidade Básica
Mondo Tarantino
Dove Beleza Fora da Caixa
Ely Lilly - Time Hides Alzheimer's
Caos on Canvas
Opala Azul Negão


Fernanda De Capua

Creative Production

Producer, writer and consultant on films, documentaries and series, focusing on creative production and project development. After coordinating the NYU Production Center, she produced the feature film Fish Dreams, (Prix Regarde Jeunes, Critics' Week - Cannes Film Festival, 2006). As a producer, she made the short film Submarine; the feature documentary Laura and the feature film Casa Grande (audience prize at the Rio Festival); the documentaries Violencia S.A., If I Take a few Months, and the award winning Who Killed Eloá. For TV, she produced the shows Capital Natural (Band News) and the documentary series Arte Ativa. She has worked as casting director for advertising campaigns like Dove and Eli Lilly, and produced content for events such as Nokia Trends, Rider 39 Years and The Little Prince Exhibit. Since 2008 she has been a pitch, script and project consultant. She has taught workshops at BrLab, Icumam Lab, Bolivia Lab, Cine Posíble - Colombia, Estreno Bisonte - Costa Rica, and Pitch Forum at the Tbilisi Film Festival, Republic of Georgia. As screenwriter and script doctor she has worked on Fellipe Barbosa’s Gabriel and the Mountain, (Critic’s Week, Cannes 2017), The Way of the Bear, with Rafael Aidar and NINETIES with Thiago Dottori. She is a project consultant for Gullane Filmes, currently writing  the series Unsustainables and provides screenplay assistance at Ancine's Prodav  Labs.

Camila Alves

Line Production

Line producer and consultant in the field of ​​cultural, social and sports projects focused on planning and management of execution through tax incentive laws. She started his career at Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas Attorneys, specialized in Culture and Third Sector. She has worked in the development, planning, execution and auditing of projects accounts for several producers and cultural institutions, among them: Instituto Pensarte, Instituto Cultural Brasilis, BM & A - Brazil Music, MAM - Museum of Modern Art, Imaginary Look, Oka Communications, Gaia Productions , Maria Farinha Filmes, Liquid Media Lab. In the field of sports, she has developed projects with Universidade do Futebol, Corpore, ESPN and USP. Prominent projects include: Slowkids, Slowmovie, Oceans of Literature Award, Architecture of Silence, Cultural Connection, Art and Culture Ticket Week. She coordinated the planning and financial management area of ​​CPFL Cultura in Campinas and the area of ​​planning and special projects of Poiesis, a social organization responsible for the management of the Portuguese Language Museum, Casa das Rosas, Casa Guilherme de Almeida and Cultural Workshops of the State of São Paulo Paulo. She is currently a co-producer on the projects Chaos on Canvas and Cinefantasy and teaches courses on cultural foment laws to, planning and management of cultural projects at Cultura e Mercado.

Tyaga Sa Brito

Art Production

Began her career at Bienal do Mercosul Art Biennial and since then has been working in the field of arts. With experience on several creative departments in the audiovisual field, she has worked as an assistant and props manager until becoming one of the most sought-after professionals in Brazilian art production. Among her audiovisual works are the films Love From Mother Only, by Dennison Ramalho, Crime Delicado, by Beto Brant, Aquarius by Kleber Mendonça Filho, Tungstenio by Heitor Dhalia, Susana Lira's Maidens Tower, and the TV series Carandiru broadcast by Globo, Basic Unit, for Universal channel, Tempero Secreto for GNT and Haru, Natsu - The Letters That Have Not Arrived: The History of Japanese Immigration in Brazil for NHK - Japan. She worked for five years as an art production and publishing coordinator in the extinct Loja do Bispo, specialized in art pieces and decoration; and was part of the team that conceived and implemented Pivô - Arte e Pesquisa, now one of the most important spaces of contemporary art in São Paulo, where she acted as programming and production coordinator. She also works as producer of art exhibitions  such as "Sabotagem" by Letícia Ramos and Marcia Xavier; and more recently "Contaminations" by Daniela Thomas and Felipe Tassara at SESC Ipiranga.

Marcos Kurtinaitis

Research and Curatorship

Master and Doctoral candidate in Media and Audiovisual Processes from ECA - USP, he was a programming coordinator at CINUSP, programmer at the Cinemateca Brasileira and audiovisual coordinator at the São Paulo Image and Sound Museum (MIS). He researches the preservation, diffusion and reuse of audiovisual collections in compilation films and found footage. He’s produced audiovisual content projection for concerts of the bands Violeta de Outono, Chimpanzé Clube Trio and Mamma Cadela. He wrote the script for the medium-length film Busca-se and co-directed, with Vitor Brant, the short film Objetos do De$ejo. He’s taught workshops on audiovisual production at Estação USP and Educom.Rádio and lectured at events such as the IV Musimid - Music and Media Meeting and the II Drama Workshop of the Wolf Maya Academy of Performers. He has produced four editions of the International Documentary Conference at the It’s All True festival and was curator of numerous cinema festivals, such as F for False, for Caixa Cultural de Brasília, and Mondo Tarantino and Louis Malle - Polemic and Versatile, for Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. He was the editor of Sinopse – Film Magazine and published the collection of short stories O Manicomio and Viagens - Young Writers Project, as well as several critical articles for print and online magazines, festival catalogs and seminars.




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